mario kart themed jello

There’s something wonderful about combining two of your favourite childhood things: video games + jello. I love and have always adored the Nintendo’s Mario video game series, so I decided to base my next dish on the classic Mario Kart game using jello layers and molds to create the iconic star and rainbow item boxes. :) This is a fairly easy treat to create, however, it takes a lot of patience to get it to work. I saw some jello layers where carnation milk was mixed in the jello, but I chose not to add that in for it makes the colours opaque and to get the rainbow effect of the item boxes, I wanted the colours to remain transparent.

Prep time: 20 min.
Total time: 2 hr +
Serves: 10 +


Rainbow Jello layers (item boxes)

  • 5 pk of different coloured jello (red, yellow, green, blue and purple)
  • Small metal deep dish baking tray (unlike plastic containers, a metal base will speed up the cooling process)
  • White tube of decorating gel

Star Jello mold

  • 1 pk yellow jello
  • Metal baking tray with star-shaped molds OR medium sized star-shaped cookie cutters
  • Black and white tube of decorating gel


Item boxes 

  1. Follow the instructions of the gelatin jello packages and begin preparing the red colour first. After mixing the 1 cup of hot water to dissolve the powder and then the 1 cup of cold water, pour the first layer into the metal tray.
  2. Place the tray into the fridge (or freezer to speed it up), and let the mixture set until it is completely solidified. 
  3. Repeat “step 1” for the yellow colour and let the mixture cool. When it is cool enough and after the previous layer in the tray has been fully set, then proceed to pour the mixture into the tray. Place back into the fridge/freezer to set.
  4. Continue this process with each layer with the green, blue and then purple, respectively. You want to create a gradual rainbow with these layers.
  5. Once all the layers have been made, leave the tray to set until the jello is very firm and not fluid-like anymore. Pop the entire mold out by dipping the tray into a sink full of luke warm water for a couple of seconds. You will see that the sides will automatically melt and come loose. Flip the tray over onto a board covered in wax paper to pop the mold out.
  6. Carefully dry off any access fluid that has melted. Begin to cut off the edges and slice the mold into squares. Arrange them onto a tray or into cupcake papers as desired. Presentation is all up to you.
  7. Place back into the fridge to freeze the molds again. When it seems set, use the white decorating gel to draw on question marks.

Yellow star

  1. Follow the instructions of the gelatin jello package for the yellow colour. Pour the mixture into the star-shaped molds. IF you do not have a mold, pour into a small rectangular shaped metal tray.
  2. Once set, dip the tray for a few seconds into a tub of luke warm water. The star molds should pop right out. IF using without the mold, pop out your rectangular mold and use the star cookie cutters to cut out your star-shapes. It helps to dip the cookie cutters into the luke warm water to create a clean cut.
  3. When the star shaped jellos are ready, use the black decorating gel to draw two vertical lines for eyes, and then a dot with the white decorating gel for the shine.

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